June is National Safety Month! There are many ways for employers to keep everyone safe. Ergonomics is one strategy to keep employees healthy (a separate post on this coming soon!) but you can also work to prevent injuries and worker’s compensation claims by sending candidates and potential new employees to Peak Form before they start work.

We provide Post-Offer Pre-Employment testing for many employers in Colorado. When they come to see us, candidates undergo a thorough evaluation. A candidate starts with a drug screen and then works with one of our healthcare providers on a thorough medical history and exam. We follow a protocol determined by WorkSTEPS, a nationally recognized employment testing program. We check the candidate’s heart rate and blood pressure, posture, strength, reflexes, and range of motion. The screen helps to assess old injuries that can impact a candidate’s ability to do the job, or it can catch unknown health conditions. Blood pressure is a good indicator of health and we follow the WorkSTEPS guidelines on whether to continue with work testing if one’s blood pressure is too high. Oftentimes candidates don’t know their blood pressure or heart rate is high, and our testing gives them good cause to see a physician when they may not have otherwise.

Following a thorough screen, we run candidates through dynamic lifting tasks and job simulations. These are designed to mimic the duties the employee will undergo in their future position, so if they cannot safely lift a required weight or tolerate a static position for long enough, they may have difficulty performing the job for which they were hired. As an employer, wouldn’t you rather know that before officially bringing them on the team, rather than hoping there are no injuries on the job?

Prevention is always a cheaper route; be proactive. Testing that new candidates can perform the essential duties of job can determine who may be a high risk of injury. If someone cannot complete the testing, chances are they won’t be able to adequately perform their work duties. There is benefit for the candidate too – if their blood pressure is dangerously high, we require them to see a physician before continuing with their job screening. The candidate’s health and safety are our priority, and we’re here to help you find candidates who can do the job effectively and safely.

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