Be Our VALENTINE: What We Love About Our Patients!

X.J. Ethan “Mojo” Moses, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, PFMC

What I love about my patients: They are the backbone of the community. All of them are hard workers who just happened to get injured on the job, and they are anxious to get better and return to making their own individual contribution to our local community. I couldn’t ask for better people to serve as a doctor!

What I love about working at Peak Form: We are like a little family, and we work so well together that it makes coming to work each day fun!

Roxana Zulauf Witter, MD, MSPH, MS

What I love about my profession: I love meeting people and finding out who they are, what they do.

I love it when my patients share a bit about themselves — their interests, family, loves.



Jessica Moore-Scheeler, MS, PA-C

What I love about my patients: Their willingness to do what it takes to get back to work. My patients work hard in their therapies to overcome their injuries. You really connect with the patients as you are seeing them on a routine basis.

What I love about Peak Form: It is a small business that puts family first.

Jeanette Hrubes, PT, Medical Director of Clinical Operations

I LOVE the amazing people I have had the privilege of surrounding myself with. I always try and hire people who are “smarter” than myself and it has paid off with our amazing team!

I love the variety of patients we have – from the teenagers to the elderly. Also, the gratefulness they show each and every day, sometimes by spoiling us with dessert, presents and surprise visits.

Lance Moore PT, DPT, CSCS, Lead Physical Therapist

What I love about my patients: The positive attitude and dedication of our patients to getting better is inspiring. We can show them the path, but they have to walk it.

What I love about Peak Form: The interesting and multi-faceted conversations we have with our patients — we have the opportunity here at Peak Form to really get to know our patients and form relationships.

Matt Kurz, PT, DPT, Physical Therapist, Operations

What I love about my patients: The smiling faces, interesting stories, positive energy and friendship they provide.

What I love about Peak Form: My patients and co-workers! They make coming to work easy, knowing I get to work with them each day.

Jenna Becker MSN, APN, FNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner

What I love about my patients: I have the opportunity to care for some of the most quality human beings I’ve ever known. My patients are hardworking, kind, and driven — and I appreciate getting to know them on a personal level and see them regain their full function and quality of life.

What I love about Peak Form: I love working for a small company, where every patient and co-worker is a person and not just a number. Peak Form has the best teamwork environment and I enjoy coming to work!

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