It’s the time of year when many of us take to the yard or the garden. Mowing, trimming, pulling weeds, tending to flowers, watering – maintaining a yard can be back-breaking work. But it doesn’t have to be!

Here are a few tips to keep you moving along in all your outdoor projects.

  1. Walk a lap around the yard before you get started. This will allow you to survey what needs doing, but it can also serve as a type of “warm up.” Give yourself a few minutes before digging into the work.
  2. If you’re weeding or working in a garden, where you’ll use fine motor skills, take a low stool to sit on. Not only does this keep you off the ground, but it keeps you from bending over for hours at a time. It also eases the transition from standing to sitting, and vice versa.
  3. Have a big yard? Break the work up into chunks. With the world re-opening post-COVID, many of us are relegated again to performing yard work on evenings and weekends. It’s difficult to keep up with it. Take a task that is most pressing (maybe the dandelions have taken over), finish it, and then take a break. Decide if you want to do more or finish for the day. It doesn’t need to all be done at once!
  4. Don’t stay in one position for too long. Mowing the yard makes this easy; you’re already moving! But what if you’re pruning rose bushes or taking pesky beetles out of the flower garden? Change your posture at least every hour. If you’ve been bending, stand up tall and extend. If you’ve been sitting, stand and take a short walk break.
  5. Stretch when you’re done. If you’ve been pulling weeds for an hour, even if you’ve been sitting on a stool, your back may still feel stiff. Stand up tall and stretch your arms overhead. Arch at the low back and upper back. Bend to the side. Move your body!

Remember those old-school tips too: stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and keep your head covered.

As always, if you’re feeling aches or pains after a long day in the yard, don’t hesitate to call us! We’re here to help you!