There aren’t many of us who qualify as “elite athletes.” However, many employees have jobs that are physically demanding. If you have a job that requires manual labor, such as lifting boxes and then running up and down stairs to deliver packages, you’re an “industrial athlete.” A job like that requires physical strength, stamina, and endurance.

At Peak Form, we frequently see injuries that happen at work. Our goal is to get you back to work safely. Elite athletes push themselves to return to sport rather quickly, and industrial athletes want to return to work to help their colleagues and co-workers. Depending on the severity of the injury, physical therapy can speed up the return to function and minimize long-term limitations. (Read more about that here.)

We want to focus on functional outcomes, rather than focusing on pain. Not every therapy session is going to be pain-free, as pain is expected as part of the healing process. However, our goal is to focus your attention on what you can control, which is how to lift heavy loads safely, or how to perform an overhead press so you can return to loading and unloading shelves. We can objectively measure functional progress, whereas pain is a highly personal, complicated experience.

There is good evidence to support that addressing function over pain has better long-term results, especially when looking at industrial athletes and their return to work. Pain may not be eliminated completely, especially if it’s chronic, but we can optimize your functional mobility so you can keep working. Further, our “work hardening” programs help patients with jobs that require substantial physical effort. We ensure that you can handle the duties in a treatment session prior to releasing you back to work.

Have a demanding job? Consider yourself an industrial athlete! If you have questions or need help with function, contact us today!