The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the way healthcare providers practice medicine and care for patients. Peak Form Medical Clinic is no different. We offer telemedicine as an option to keep patients and employees safe. This includes physical therapy visits!

What can a physical therapist do during a Telemedicine session?

We’re here to tell you that we can do a lot remotely. As physical therapists, we use palpation and hands-on assessments, but much of what we determine can be learned by speaking with patients. As one of my instructors used to say, “Your patient will tell you what’s wrong.” While an in-person initial session is ideal, we can provide you with education and modifications for your activities remotely. You’ll have help from day one!

  • Using multiple video angles, we can evaluate and assess movement patterns

  • We can guide you through stretching, self-mobilization, or mobility exercises to increase range of motion at appropriate joints

  • We update your home exercise program and monitor your progress to help you to continue to work towards your long-term goals

What do we need for successful telemedicine?

We need to be able to see you – enough of you that we can assess your movement. Much of what we prescribe is based on movement patterns you show us, so be sure to let us know what movements cause symptoms and what makes them better. If something in your home causes you trouble (such as your stairs, your sofa, or the bathtub), you can show us exactly what and where. Often, we send patients home with exercises, and since you’ll be able to show us what you already have at home, we can tailor a home program based on what’s available to you.

How will I know if I am improving?

A significant aspect of providing the best-possible outcome is knowing your goals. What do you want to accomplish? What have you stopped doing that you’d like to resume? Or, what do you want to do without pain, even if it’s a simple task like carrying the laundry basket? Be specific and tell us on day one! This will help us provide specific exercises or modifications so you can reach your goal quickly and effectively to decrease pain or symptoms.

While we love seeing people in the clinic, our number one priority is your safety. A telemedicine visit can give you guidance to address your symptoms, so they don’t progress. You need not suffer alone! Call us today to schedule your in-person or telemedicine appointment with one of our highly trained physical therapists.

Written by Laura Vroman