Before the pandemic, telehealth visits were few and far between. While it was an option to have a video call with your doctor, most opted to go in-person. One could argue that telehealth visits lack a personal touch or bedside manner. However, recall a pre-COVID doctor’s visit. Did you have to take time off work? Sit in traffic? Wait in the lobby well past your appointment, only to wait longer once in the exam room?

Pandemic Led to Telehealth Options
A global pandemic made telehealth a necessity. As with anything, we all experienced growing pains from learning the platform, struggling with connectivity issues, and not talking over one another. A year later, though, we’ve got it down pretty well. You can expect your telehealth visit to start on time while you’re home or at work, rather taking the hours out of the day it may have once taken.

Telehealth Has Positive Impacts
In the last five years, data suggests the positive impact of telehealth, such as shorter wait times, lower costs, and reduced medication prescriptions.

Further, private insurers are providing more reimbursement for these kinds of visits, including telehealth physical therapy. COVID-19 made this healthcare option more accessible and more accepted as a form of treatment, and patients as well as clinicians can see the advantages.

Physical Therapy is Effective Through Telehealth
Physical therapy visits, which are quite interactive, are of course ideal in the clinic. We have state-of-the-art equipment and plenty of space. However, COVID-19 forced us to dig into our creative brains to continue to treat patients from home. Our concern is continuity of care; we can guide you through your session, which will still include exercise, form correction, and education on modifying activities as needed. All you need is a little space and a camera so we can see you. That’s it!

So, as the world begins to slowly open up, don’t forget that telehealth is still an option for your care with us. Even if you’re running late and don’t think you can get to the clinic on time, call us and we can change your visit to a telehealth visit, and you need not worry about missing out!