We are starting to feel like a broken record talking about COVID-19. Many areas have upgraded to “red” level meaning tighter restrictions on the number of people indoors (among other things). Adams and Boulder counties have also increased their precautions, due to higher transmission rates. Since Colorado has seen an uptick in positive cases, it’s important to know what Peak Form Medical Clinic is still doing for COVID-19 precatutions. What does this mean for you, the patient?

We understand how difficult this year has been. (If you haven’t read our post on COVID-19 fatigue, you can do so here.) It’s hard to keep up with all the necessary safety precautions, but just so you know, we haven’t let up at Peak Form!

In the clinic, we:

  1. Check temperatures through a hi-tech touchless kiosk at the entrance of our facilities and ask about possible symptoms when anyone walks in the door (staff included).
  2. Require masks at all times of anyone within the facilities. Staff will also be using protective eye-wear to further increase safety for you and our staff.
  3. Frequent leaning of door handles, bathrooms, counters, pens, etc. Immediate cleaning of equipment after each use.

If you’re not comfortable coming in person, we can offer you telehealth appointments. It may feel out of the ordinary to do a physical therapy appointment outside the clinic, but we promise: it’s still effective to use telehealth for your physical therapy needs. It minimizes in-person contact while keeping you progressing forward with your treatment. Recent studies have shown that it takes a strong relationship between the clinician and the patient to make it work. Since we pride ourselves on creating a strong bond with our patients, this additional resource is a no-brainer to continue to get you the care you need no matter the circumstances!

We know it’s hard to imagine physical therapy as a remote visit, but if you find yourself quarantined, it’s a safe way to keep moving. Continuing your home exercise program, with additional exercise provided for you over a video call, is similar to what we would do with you in the clinic. We have your best interests at heart.
Contact us today if you have any concerns! As always, stay safe and healthy out there.