If you have a back pain problem, you can take some comfort in the fact that you’re not alone — back pain is one of the leading causes of ER visits, it will at some point affect 80% of people in the US, and it causes more global disability than any other pain.

Back Pain Therapy at PFMCHow we treat back pain at Peak Form Medical Clinic

Although back pain as a condition is common, there are multiple causes and a wide range of treatments. Physical therapy provides a proven non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical option to managing, preventing and providing relief for back and lower back pain. At Peak Form Medical Clinic we will provide:

Whole body assessment
Neurological assessment
Clinically proven protocols
Evidence-based techniques
Joint mobilization/manipulation
Soft tissue mobilization/manipulation
Body mechanics assessment/correction
The tailored home exercise program
Management and prevention strategies.

People often have been living with back pain for so long that they think the condition isn’t treatable except with surgery or medication — it is! If back pain is affecting how you go about your day, physical therapy can be the solution.