Most of us recall March of 2020 quite well. The spread of COVID-19 increased at an alarming rate, and by the middle of March, much of the country was shut down with stay-at-home orders. With it came “work-from-home” for many employees who had never before worked from home. Not everyone had an ideal set up to work from home, between children, pets, spouses, and no official workspace. We all did the best we could. We know you did, too.

Now, with multiple vaccines in production, workers returning to the office will become more of a reality. In the last year, we’ve posted ways to take care of yourself while working from home: taking breaks, stretching, and going for walks. We want to encourage you NOT to forget those good habits! Just because you’re “back to normal” doesn’t mean you toss away what you learned during a global pandemic.

Transitioning Back to the Office Environment Can Create Some Challenges

Let’s also not forget that “normal” implied this: hectic and stressful commutes, crowds, and potentially long work hours. Americans led busy lives, but not many of us were overtly happy with that. In an attempt to return to “normal,” it’s easy to overlook aspects of our previous lives that weren’t healthy. Self-care, anyone?

 What to remember when you return to the workspace:

  1. Take breaks! Especially if you’re in one position all day, or performing the same tasks all day, it is so important to take a break to change positions. This helps to prevent overuse injuries.

  2. Go for a walk outside on your lunch break. It doesn’t need to be a strenuous workout. Eat some lunch and get a few steps in before getting back to it.

  3. Take care of your mental health, too! Take deep breaths throughout the day, ask for help, or meditate. Don’t feel like you need suffer through – it’s okay to ask for help or for a day off.

Ask For Help If You Need It

As always, we’re here for you at Peak Form! With warmer months coming, it’s easier to exercise outdoors. Need an exercise program? Or tips to set up your new workspace so it’s ergonomic and beneficial? Contact us today!