Summer has arrived and more businesses are re-opening. While more people will return to work, restaurants and gyms, warmer weather doesn’t equate the end of COVID-19. Peak Form has remained open and will continue to operate in a capacity to keep our employees, and you, safe. Here’s how.

Temperature screening everyone who walks in the door. This includes screening our staff at the beginning and end of each shift. We check the temperature of every patient and if anyone has a fever, we can offer telehealth appointments as a safe alternative. We have a CONTACT-FREE KIOSK to assist with this process!

Patients and post-offer pre-employment candidates complete a COVID-19 questionnaire. This helps us determine whether someone has been exposed to COVID-19 or has experienced symptoms. If the answer to any of the questions is “yes,” unfortunately, we will need to reschedule your appointment or offer you a telemedicine appointment instead.

Wearing a mask is required. This includes all staff and anyone entering the clinic. This helps decrease the spread of viruses via droplets.

Increased use of hand sanitizer and anti-viral cleaner for all equipment in the clinic. At the end of each session, our physical therapists ensure all equipment used has been wiped clean. We have hand sanitizer throughout the clinic and use it frequently during sessions and between patient visits.

Social distancing as much as possible during patient visits. While this can be challenging for physical therapists, we focus much of our intervention on education, activity modification, and exercise. Luckily, this means we can still do a lot for you without much hands-on contact.

Decreased number of visitors in the waiting area. At this time, we are working to minimize the number of people in the clinic, so if you have a guest, they will need to wait for you in the car.

Like the rest of the country, we certainly hope to find a new normal soon and we can relax some of these measures. Until that time, we plan to maintain the highest standards for cleanliness and prevention of exposure to COVID-19. This is to keep you and the staff at Peak Form safe and healthy, so we can continue to serve you.

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