Back pain is a very common issue for many people and for different variable reasons. Some common manifestations of back pain: shooting or stabbing pain, radiating pain down the leg, limited or complete absence of back mobility and muscle pain in back and/or buttocks.Some common causes of low back pain include:

Muscular or other soft tissue strain (including whiplash)
Overuse/repetitive injuries
Vertebral disk abnormalities
Degenerative changes (arthritis)
Biomechanical changes (Scoliosis)

Physical Therapy Can Help!

Physical therapy is the single most used treatment for back pain that can offer significant relief of your symptoms through, proper education regarding: posture, lifting and biomechanics of activities of daily living and work tasks. Our therapists will find exercises that are specific and appropriate to address muscular insufficiencies to aid in restoring balance for the muscles demands. Some common methods for treatment are but not limited to:

Management of pain and swelling
Strengthening and stretching activities
Joint mobilization and manipulation
Soft tissue mobilization
Gait training activities
Lumbo-pelvic rhythm education
Modalities such as electrical stimulation
Specialized home exercise program
Patient education
Dry needling