Physical Therapy for Osteoporosis

osteoporosisOsteoporosis is a condition in which the bones of the body become more brittle and are more at risk for fracture. Spinal compression fractures can occur with osteoporosis due to the decreased density of the bones. Certain motions such as excessive spinal flexion, or forward bending, should be avoided if one has osteoporosis because of the pressure that this places on the spine. Fall risk is also something to be more aware of if one has osteoporosis due to the increased risk of fractures associated with falls. Bone scans such as a DEXA scan are utilized to diagnosis osteoporosis.

Common symptoms associated with osteoporosis:

  • Bone pain and tenderness
  • Frequent fractures with minimal trauma
  • Loss of height overtime
  • Stooped/poor posture

Physical Therapy Can Help!

Physical therapists can work with individuals with osteoporosis to develop an exercise program to help build strength in core and postural muscles as well as upper and lower body exercise depending on each individual’s specific needs. Building strength can help to increase stability to the joints throughout the body. Physical therapists can also work with individuals on balance training to help reduce the risk of falls.  Physical therapy treatment may include:

  • Therapeutic exercise for your core, arms, and legs
  • Postural exercises and stretches
  • Balance exercises


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