You tune-up your car on a regular basis: let us help you do the same for your body!  With spring right around the corner, think about coming in for our specialized physical evaluation: the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).


  • At 45-minutes the FMS is short and sweet
  • Good for any age or fitness level
  • Assesses baseline fitness, identifies problems, provides exercises for a customized treatment plan you can do at home.

The Functional Movement Screen is a ranking/grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to your body’s normal function.  You get an actual score (out of 21) and it provides critical information about any functional limitations that impact your daily movements.  Peak Form’s Physical Therapists use this information to track progress and identify the exercises required to restore proper movement patterns.

When you are finished with the FMS, you know your fitness “score” which will serve as a roadmap for our certified therapists to create specific exercise plans tailored to you!

Peak Form physical therapists are fully trained and certified in FMS.  You can find more information about this terrific system at