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Our thorough and comprehensive therapy plans include therapeutic massage therapy when indicated.  We take an integrated, team approach — our Physical Therapists consult with our Massage Therapists and work hand in hand to provide our patients with the best course of treatment for optimal healing.

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This month we welcome back Jennifer Atlas, Massage Therapist

 Jennifer Atlas, Ian and Zac

Medical Massage Specialist

  • Specializations: NeuroMuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy
  • Post-Surgery Rehabilitation, Chronic and Acute Pain Treatment
  • Certification in Massage Therapy, Center of Advanced Therapeutics, 2005
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, University of Wyoming, 1993

Sherlock Holmes of the Muscles!

Jennifer says:

When I work with patients I think of myself as Sherlock Holmes, looking for clues to help me understand the cause of muscle pain so I can make sure my treatment fits the whole-person picture.  The place where patients feel pain is often not the source of the pain.

A good example is carpal tunnel syndrome.  You feel the effects of carpal tunnel in your hand or arm, but the origin is in the brachial plexus nerve bundle in the neck that feeds the arm and hand.

I’ll observe and ask questions such as what side you hold the phone on, or your angle of vision when you’re working on your computer or at your desk, or how you sleep.

I work to find the right clues and collaborate with the Physical Therapist to enhance each patient’s unique treatment plan with massage and exercises.

A Personal Story

Jennifer’s massage teachers relieved her own chronic lower back pain, a condition that had plagued her for 20 years after a basketball injury.  She loves helping to alleviate lower back pain for clients who have not found relief any other way.

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