Outpatient rehabilitation services are extremely important to restore breathing mechanics, mobility and strength. –

Boulder, Colo., June 3, 2020 Peak Form Medical Clinic Physical Therapy Services are providing much needed benefits to people recovering from COVID-19 who have suffered from prolonged coughing and decreased mobility. These people may require significant Physical Therapy rehabilitation services to fully regain mobility, flexibility, endurance, and strength to safely return to daily activities.

The clinic’s mission is to provide all patients and clients with premium wellness, physical therapy, and Workers’ Compensation Injury Care services in a supportive atmosphere.
“As an essential service, our highly trained Physical Therapists are prepared to help people regain fitness from adverse COVID-19 symptoms such as improving breathing mechanics, restoring muscle tone and relieving neck and back pain while decreasing stiffness to increase mobility”, said Jeanette Hrubes owner and CEO.
As an Outpatient Physical Therapy and Occupational Medicine Clinic, all CDC guidance regarding scheduling, distancing, and cleaning have been implemented to provide an environment that minimizes exposure risk for patients and staff to provide functional improvements. To meet the diverse needs of patients, Peak Form Medical Clinic offers both in-person and tele-health service options. Seeking Physical Therapy services will be especially helpful to regain previous function.

Peak Form Medical Clinic is an award-winning leader in occupational medicine, physical therapy, and orthopedic rehabilitation services with locations in Boulder and Brighton. Jeanette Hrubes is owner and operator since 2003.
Medical providers are under the Direction of Dr. XJ Ethan Moses M.D., Chief Medical Officer and the Medical Director of the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation.