Every October, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) promotes physical therapy to educate the world about who we are. We want everyone to recognize physical therapists as knowledgeable providers. It goes beyond what we do – I think most people have an idea that we prescribe exercise – but it’s important to recognize what we know.

Physical therapists are well-equipped to treat multiple diagnoses in multiple settings. We know how to screen for serious pathology, when it’s safe to treat you in the clinic, and when it’s preferable to refer to a physician. Our goal is always to decrease pain and return you to full function. We can do more than treat you after surgery or after an injury. We can teach you how to exercise at a level that is appropriate for you to promote your health and well-being. You can’t go wrong getting strong, right?

As part of Physical Therapy Month, we have a tool we want you to try, called the Fit Factor Survey. This is a new quiz the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) designed so you can have an idea of where you stand in your overall health. In it, you’ll find questions about your overall strength, balance, and pain with day-to-day activities.

Take the survey here: https://fitfactorsurvey.org/?w2whvn

As you take the quiz, it will provide you with videos and resources on how you can get started on your own. Once you complete it, you’ll receive a score with areas you can improve. If something came up on the quiz that needs work, don’t worry! Bring your results to a physical therapy appointment with us and we can work with you on what you learned.

Taking care of your health is important in a year that most of us would like to leave behind. Don’t wait for a New Year’s Resolution – start today!