Peak Form Medical Clinic Offers WorkSTEPS

WorkSTEPS is a nationally recognized pre-offer/post-offer Functional Employment Testing Program designed to make better informed hiring decisions that will reduce the occurrence of work related injuries. This approach is centered upon the evaluation and assessment of an individual’s capacities correlated with the physical demands of the job the employee is required to perform. WorkSTEPS is cost effective, creditable, ADA compliant, legally defensible, and virtually eliminates fraud and abuse.

The WorkSTEPS Program was developed in response to industry’s need for reliable, medically/legally defensible employment testing programs which could effectively reduce work place injury incidence and work place injury costs. The Program, which is based upon objective scientific data, and collection, conforms fully to EEOC Guidelines for application of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

MANY PROVEN BENEFITS – to the employer:

  • Cost savings – Significant return on investment
  • Provides hiring information so that candidates hired have demonstrated they can safely perform the essential functions of the job
  • Documented efficacy in reduction of workplace injury
  • Successful litigation of fraudulent injury claims

WorkSTEPS has developed procedures and processes that include:

1. Job analysis / Worksite assessment
2. Functional employment testing
3. Continued educational training

WorkSTEPS establishes functional testing as a foundation for hiring, fit-for-duty, and return-to-work programs. WorkSTEPS significantly reduces incidence and costs related to work injuries by:

  • Appropriately matching employees to the essential functions of their jobs
  • Expediting safe, early return to work
  • Supplying objective, individualized data that results in case resolution for disputed/fraudulent workers’ compensation cases

Functional Employment Testing Objectives:

  • Determine worker capability for new hires
  • Based on individual ability
  • Founded upon objective data
  • Establish realistic treatment goals post injury
  • Expedite return to work
  • Periodic evaluation of existing workers
  • Verify true extent of injuries

Competitive components of the various WorkSTEPS® Employment Tests:

  • Legally Compliant
  • Content valid testing based on individualized Essential Job Functions (EJF)
  • Built in sincerity of effort evaluation
  • Non-discriminatory and consistent
  • Safe
  • Built in safeguards to eliminate injury during test
  • Controlled and conducted according to exact EJF specifications
  • Scientific
  • Comprised of testing criteria that have been peer-reviewed and published
  • Testing bibliography includes studies supported by NIOSH, AMA, and CDC

LEGITIMATE SETTLEMENTS – based on WorkSTEPS testing data:

“Apportionment”: defined as an employer’s responsibility only to return an injured worker to the condition that existed at the time of his or her employment.

  • Based solely upon WorkSTEPS objective testing data, a workers compensation request for temporary partial and temporary total disability were denied to a claimant in Oklahoma City, OK, finding that the claimant’s problems and symptomatology were not related to his work-related injury.
  • In the first court case involving WorkSTEPS data, an employee seeking $1.2 million in compensation received a jury award of only $22,000.00 for medical services and legal fees, based primarily upon pre-existing condition data recorded during the WorkSTEPS testing of the employee

WorkSTEPS is the industry leader in fields such as:

  • Functional Employment Testing
  • Pre-Employment Post Offer Testing
  • Medical Testing
  • Medical and Functional Testing
  • Post Employment Testing
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Agility Testing
  • Workers’ Compensation Programs
  • Injury Prevention
  • Injury Management
  • Risk Management
  • Fit for Duty Testing



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