Workplace Injury Management and Rehabilitation

We offer best-practice, comprehensive injury management treatment and rehabilitation plans administered by occupational medicine experts:

  • Our physicians are Level II accredited and Board-Certified
  • Our certified and highly trained physical therapists see all patients — we do not use aides
  • Our staff has in-depth knowledge of the Division of Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment Guidelines.


We begin each treatment plan with a careful analysis and evaluation of the employee’s condition. We establish a trust relationship with the patient, and communicate treatment guidelines and standard of care. Our plans feature:

  • Timely and effective treatment
  • Latest evidence-based clinical tools and methodologies
  • Exercise-based physical therapy treatment programs for the home
  • Personalized one-on-one care for speedier recovery and return to work.

Our goal is to involve the employee in the healing process to ensure a healthy, speedy return to work with information and training on how to remain safe on the job.

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