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Chief Medical Officer Dr. X. J. Ethan Moses named
Associate Medical Director for the CO Division of Workers’ Compensation

We’re proud to announce that beginning this month, Dr. Moses assumes the duties for this newly created position at the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation. He continues as Chief Medical Officer at Peak Form Medical Clinic.

“This new role does not change my commitment to customer service and Peak Form. Having ‘boots on the ground’ as the CMO at Peak Form gives me insight into the ongoing needs and issues of Workers’ Compensation in the field.”

Dr. X. J. Ethan Moses, MD, MPH,
PFMC Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Moses’ new role includes:

  • Supplementing all activities of the current medical director
  • Provider education focused on latest research
  • Teaching and public medical treatment guidelines
  • Consulting for the division’s independent medical exam panel
  • Interfacing with other medical societies and stakeholders from the insurance side and claimant side.

Dr. Moses’ appointment has been fully vetted by the Division of Workers’ Compensation and the Department of Labor.

Dr. Moses: Background

Dr. Xavier James Ethan “Mojo” Moses joined the Peak Form family after serving as Medical Director at the Center for Occupational Safety & Health, and the Chief of the Division of Occupational Medicine at Denver Health. Prior, Dr. Moses was the Chief Resident in the University of Colorado’s Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency and formerly Chief of Aerospace Medicine at Buckley Air Force Base, where he served four years as a flight surgeon.
Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, he is President of the Rocky Mountain Academy of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, assistant professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Colorado School of Public Health, and is the new Associate Medical Director for the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Dr. Moses began his training in family medicine at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City after receiving both his Medical Doctorate and Master of Public Health from Tulane University in May 2007, and his BA from Colorado Christian University in 2003.

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