New at Peak Form PT! Dry Needling for Pain Relief and Muscle Therapy

Special Offer:

First 10 patients to call and mention this offer will receive ONE COMPLIMENTARY service charge associated with dry needling (A value of $25.48!)

(Offer valid for existing or new patients not currently receiving Dry Needling services where deemed appropriate treatment. Boulder location only.)

What is Dry Needling and How Can It Help Me?

Dry Needling is a therapy technique that relieves muscle pain by using a thin monofilament needle to relax the muscle.

Dry Needling helps:

  • resolve pain
  • decrease muscle tension
  • improve flexibility
  • promote healing.

If you experience muscle pain not relieved by other physical therapy techniques, then Dry Needling could be a good option.

We determine whether or not Dry Needling will benefit you through a traditional evaluation that looks at range of motion, strength, flexibility, muscle tension and movement patterns.

How long has Dry Needling been around?

Formal research by Dr. Janet Travell, MD, in the 1940s supported Dry Needling therapy for use in trigger points and for muscle dysfunction. It is licensed state by state and has been available in Colorado as a part of the physical therapy practice since 2005.

Dry Needling at Peak Form PT

Staff member Stephanie Blankemeier, PT, DPT is a Certified Functional Dry Needling practitioner.  It’s a rigorous course of study that includes over 200 sessions of practical application.

Stephanie says:

“Dry Needling is a great tool as part of a continued treatment plan. I’ve seen patients experience almost instant pain relief with dry needling — for example, people who have had years of aching shoulders from arthritis.”

“My favorite thing about my job is helping people rehab through varying ailments and seeing them return to their daily lives, sports and activities.  It can be a challenge to help patients see the light at the end of the tunnel so they stay engaged with their therapy — it’s hard, but I’m good at it!”

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