Tips to Help You Thrive During Winter’s Last Gasp, Schedule a Spring Tune-Up for your Body

Thrive During Winter’s Last Gasp

Winter is officially over on March 19th.  However, residents of Colorado’s Front Range are well aware that we’ll still be in for cold and snowy conditions after that.Here are a few tips to keep you in Peak Form as we ease our way into warmer weather:
1. One more step!  A brisk walk several times a week will make a difference in overall energy levels.  Regular aerobic exercise means fewer down days, and exposure to natural sunlight boosts natural Vitamin A production and helps combat depression.2. Get back to basics. If your regular exercise is curtailed in cold weather, get back to fitness basics you can do at home: stretches, pushups, pull-ups and squats.3. Make the weather work for you.  Overall, your body has to work harder in cold weather, so you not only burn more calories when you’re exercising outside, you also see a surge in your endorphin production.4. Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs are especially important in the cold. Make time to get your body ready for action by elevating your heart rate: for example, try walking or jogging in place before heading out.  Don’t let your body heat fool you at the end of your outdoor exercise.  Go indoors and take your time taking off layers, while enjoying nice, prolonged-hold stretches.5. It’s not in your mind.  Bad news: our bodies in winter tend to store more fat.  Good news: exercise triggers the body chemistry that helps optimize fat burning.  So this doubles our motivation for staying active and healthy during the final cold days of the year..

Schedule Your Spring Body Tune-Up

You tune-up your car on a regular basis: let us help you do the same for your body!  With spring right around the corner, think about coming in for our specialized physical evaluation: the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  


  • At 45-minutes the FMS is short and sweet
  • Good for any age or fitness level
  • Assesses baseline fitness, identifies problems, provides exercises for a customized treatment plan you can do at home.

The Functional Movement Screen is a ranking/grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to your body’s normal function.  You get an actual score (out of 21) and it provides critical information about any functional limitations that impact your daily movements.  Peak Form’s Physical Therapists use this information to track progress and identify the exercises required to restore proper movement patterns.

When you are finished with the FMS, you know your fitness “score” which will serve as a roadmap for our certified therapists to create specific exercise plans tailored to you!

Peak Form physical therapists are fully trained and certified in FMS.  You can find more information about this terrific system at

* Did you know: The FMS is being used as an effective screening tool by several professional organizations such as: the military, firefighters and the NFL!

At $100 for a 45-minute session, this is a great investment in your physical well-being.  So make an appointment today!

Call us at 303.402.9283 (Boulder) or

303.665.9005 (Brighton).

Did You Know?

“Sitting Is the New Smoking…”  Headlines like that are making the rounds, and while they’re not literally true, they point to an important (if unpleasant) truth: there is clear evidence that the more hours we sit each day, the greater our risk of premature death.  So do what works for you.  Move while talking on the phone. Buy a standing desk.  Get up and exercise or simply take a walk between computer tasks.  Look past the scare tactic to the real message that our bodies are not at their best when we’re plunked down on our tushes for hours at a time.  We’re made to be moving in Peak Form!