This year has made us all more flexible and creative. This includes using telehealth services for visits when you can’t make it to the clinic (for whatever reason). We’ve posted about using telehealth quite a bit, so here are some details on what you can expect.

Most of the world has been using Zoom for meetings and appointments. Peak Form uses a different platform, called Insig Health. It’s designed specifically for healthcare providers by healthcare providers. It works well across devices, as long as you have a camera and microphone. Most patients use their smart phone, but you can also use a laptop or tablet.

As the patient, you’ll receive an email and a text with the link to your appointment. There’s no need to download software or an app on your phone, and there are no passwords. All you have to do is click the link and it automatically takes you to the appointment with your provider. Make sure you have an internet connection or good phone reception to ensure a solid connection. Your provider will want to see and hear you. If your telehealth appointment is for physical therapy, be ready to work! Be in a space where you can move comfortably.

Additionally, if a patient needs an interpreter, Insig allows the medical provider to invite them to the appointment, and all three people can see and hear each other.

In the colder months, it’s common to experience symptoms of illness. Cold and flu season are bad enough without a pandemic. We take your health and safety seriously, so if you feel sick in any way, take advantage of telehealth services with your normal Peak Form Medical Clinic provider on the Insig Health platform. Avoid missing a visit – consistency is key in the healing process.