Holidays Are on the Way…

And we’re doing all we can to get in the spirit!

Harry Fotiou, Hali Jones, Jasmine Wells, Heidi Louie, Ashley Barth, Desiree Wulf

Holidays Can be Hard: Practice Self-Care

We’ve rounded up some excellent simple suggestions on how not to burn out in this season of giving. Our top three:

  1. Exercise can keep you sane during the holidays! Do keep your daily exercise routine as a priority — not a casualty of a too-busy schedule.
  2. Remember to breathe. Really. Conscious breathing helps control stress wherever you are: inhale through your nose (4 beats), hold the breath (7 beats), exhale through your mouth (8 beats). And repeat. Works like a charm.
  3. Practice self-kindness. So maybe the cookies burned or the cat knocked over the tree…cut yourself some slack and don’t let the idea of the ‘perfect’ holiday undercut your joy in the present.

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BS Exercise Physiology, College of New Jersey

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Regis University 2017

In addition to treating orthopedic injuries, Hali has extra training in

  • Pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Vestibular rehab
  • Pulmonary rehab

HALI WRITES: I love interacting with my patients.

“The most fun things are usually the small ones. A new puppy, a new achievement, big and small life changes — I get to experience as much as people want to share with me. Life and injuries can be upsetting at times, so I try to keep things light and encourage my patients to have their focus set on small goals so as not to get overwhelmed. There is also a lot of giggling during my sessions which must mean we’re having fun.”

HALI’S BEST ADVICE FOR PATIENTS: Set small, achievable goals

“It can be so frustrating when dealing with an injury and easy to get discouraged. If you’re ultimate goal is to be able to ski pain-free, but you can’t currently walk pain-free, then it’s important to find those smaller goals to help empower and maintain momentum.

In many cases, rehab from injury comes down to consistency and graded progression — so it’s important to keep the (metaphorical) fire burning for the long haul. Everyone likes checking things off their to-do list, and that’s what I compare those small goals to. It helps people look back at how they began the rehab process as well and reflect on how far they have come, rather than how far they have left to go.”

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