What does your job entail? What does a normal workday look like for you? How much weight do you need to lift? Do you stand, sit, kneel, walk? Do you operate heavy equipment? What about repetitive activities?

What does the PT exam consist of for an injury?

When an employee gets injured on the job, it becomes our job to get them back at it. For example, someone injures their low back when lifting a heavy, awkward object. When they are sent to physical therapy, we spend time to ask about how it happened. When we move into our examination, we look at range of motion, strength, and functional movement patterns. This gives us an idea of what we need to address so we can manage pain.

What does it mean to be “fit” for work?

Once that acute phase of pain has subsided (and it will), we can start to look at more functional tasks that mimic what an employee does at work. We’ll assess how someone lifts a box or carries a heavy object in one arm. Maybe a workplace injury occurred coaching the softball team and we need to get that person throwing a softball again. Whatever the task is, it’s our job to ensure a physical therapy session makes sense and addresses specifically what the employee must do at work.

What does Functional Treatment mean?

At Peak Form, we pride ourselves on functional treatment sessions that not only manage pain but make our patients stronger to avoid getting injured again. A workplace injury is costly to both the employee and employer, and we know everyone wants to simply be back at it. A final session with us should feel harder than what you need to do at work – that’s how we know someone is ready to go back.

Give us a call today if you’re an employer and need someone you trust to take care of your staff! And if you have an injury, our highly skilled physical therapists will help you get back in shape for work and play!