Ever experienced an injury that you hoped would get better, but it didn’t (or it took forever)? Sprain an ankle and it hasn’t felt the same since? Early physical therapy after an injury can help prevent chronic issues, especially if injuries occur while you’re at work.

Peak Form works with employers for workplace injuries, which can be costly for employees and employers if left unaddressed. Injuries can lead to time off work, increased cost of medical care, decreased productivity and increased cost of worker’s compensation insurance premiums.

The most common injuries that occur at work include low back strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, ligament sprains, and other muscle strains. Depending on the work environment, the injury could be related to overuse and repetitive activity, not having ideal ergonomics, or because of poor lifting mechanics. Physical therapists are especially qualified to help with “work hardening,” in which we help employees condition their bodies for the job to prevent injury (or re-injury).

If you’re an employer in Colorado, Peak Form offers on-site job analysis to determine what tasks are essential to the job, and what a candidate should be able to manage without difficulty. We also offer post-offer pre-employment screens to ensure candidates can perform the job tasks before you hire them.

Preventing injury is less expensive than dealing with injuries after they occur. Even if you do get hurt, see a physical therapist first so we can aid in your healing! We’ll get you back to work and play sooner and feeling strong.

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By Laura Vroman