Ever attend a fitness class and feel great that evening, but then the next morning, find that the inside of one knee hurts? It gives you a sharp pain whenever you bend it. What did I do? you ask. Probably nothing serious, but that doesn’t make knee pain any less annoying.

Signs of Injury

If during a workout, you rotate hard on one knee and feel a pop, followed by pain and swelling, this might be in indication of something serious. Meniscus injuries often happen in this manner and will be accompanied by tenderness along your knee joint. It may also be a ligament sprain, which can take a long time to heal.

If you notice any of these things, have your knee assessed by one of our Physical Therapists right away!

However, if you felt fine during the workout and noticed pain the next day without any noticeable swelling, you can breathe a little easier.

Here’s how to take care of it:

1.    Keep it moving

Your first inclination will be to let it rest. While this is tempting, and some rest is appropriate, don’t immobilize yourself. That knee will only get stiff and more painful when you try to move again. Even if it’s simple knee bends as you sit at your desk, a little motion goes a long way. If it hurts a little each time, do it anyway.

2.    Try compression

Wrap your knee snugly in Ace bandage or a knee brace. This can help decrease any inflammation or mild swelling. But remember tip #1: keep it moving.

3.    Go for a walk

Seriously. It may seem counterintuitive to exercise the day after you hurt yourself, but a gentle stroll will do the body good. It increases blood flow which helps with healing. There should be no pain while walking, or at least very minimal.

See a PT if it doesn’t improve

If a few days away from your normal exercise routine, some walking and compression don’t seem to resolve the issue, or if it gets worse, come see us at Peak Form. The sooner we can address an injury, the sooner you can get going again.

Early physical therapy after an injury has been shown to improve long-term outcomes, so don’t hesitate to call!