Governor Polis has eased mask mandates in Colorado! While this is good news for some, it doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet.

What can I do if I am fully vaccinated?

If you’ve been fully vaccinated, you’re now able to walk indoors without a mask in most settings. This means you can work out at the gym and gather with friends… if you’ve been vaccinated and if the setting does not require a mask (some still do). As a reminder, Peak Form is a healthcare provider, so you must still wear a mask when you visit the clinic.

What should I do if I have not been vaccinated?

If you haven’t been vaccinated, it’s much easier now than it was even a month ago! Consider the health and well-being of your community and get vaccinated and you can worry less about COVID-19 wreaking more havoc. Visit this link for more information on where you can get the vaccine.

To wear a mask, or not wear a mask – that is the question!

We know there is confusion now about whether to wear a mask. Generally, if you have been vaccinated, it is okay for you to not wear a mask. If you have not been vaccinated, you should continue to wear a mask everywhere you go. However, since we don’t know who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t simply by looking at someone, continue to wear a mask as a consideration for others. We’re not out of the pandemic yet, so we must continue to be vigilant with mask wearing and social distancing, especially around others we don’t know.

As always, stay safe and healthy and reach out to us with any concerns!