Counties Ease Outdoor Mask Wearing Restrictions

Earlier this week, several counties in Colorado eased COVID-19 restrictions on mask wearing in outdoor spaces, including Adams and Boulder counties. If you’re outside in a park, you can take off the mask! However, keep a mask handy in case you come into close contact with someone you don’t know (within 6 feet or unable to safely social distance).

State-Wide Indoor Mask Wearing Provisions Still in Place

There is still a state-wide mandate to wear masks. This includes when you go to the grocery store, walk into a school, and when you are in a healthcare setting (like our clinic). So, if you have an appointment with us, keep the mask! While more people have been vaccinated and infection rates appear to be improving, the risk of COVID-19 has not disappeared.

Mask Wearing Still Required at Peak Form

At Peak Form, we still require everyone to wear a mask and we continue to screen temperatures and COVID symptoms at the door. Until more people can get vaccinated, wearing a mask and social distancing are still the best ways to stay safe and healthy. Remember that we can also offer you telehealth appointments if you would prefer to stay at home.

Keep yourself healthy and the staff at Peak Form healthy! Wear a mask!

Additional information on our COVID-19 policies.