If you’ve kept up with the news recently, you’ll have seen the delta variant has been wreaking havoc, and not just among the unvaccinated. It’s a variant that can also be carried by vaccinated individuals. As mask wearing and social distancing has eased up in the last few months, COVID-19 cases have only increased again.

It’s hard to believe that the pandemic has been with us for so long, but here we are. Vaccinations are widely available and easy to get but this virus has become notoriously difficult to contain.

What can I do to limit my exposure risk?

As a reminder, until we are truly out of the woods and COVID-19 is behind us, we urge you to keep yourself and those around you safe.

  1. Please a wear a mask when around others (especially indoors) if you don’t know they’ve been vaccinated, even if you have been. As we’re learning, the delta variant can still be carried by vaccinated individuals. It is better to be safe than sorry!
  2. Remember to socially distance if you’re in a group of people. Six feet isn’t that far away.
  3. If you’re sick, stay home. This seems obvious, but we live in a society where calling in sick can be stigmatized, depending on where you work. Consider the health of the people who surround you and stay home if you’re not well!
  4. If you have an appointment with us at Peak Form, you are still required to wear a mask, even if you have been vaccinated. We are a healthcare facility, and we must follow this rule to ensure the health of our patients and staff. Telehealth appointments are always an option for you.

Don’t forget: We are in this together. It seems the world has only become more divided in the last few months, but we won’t get through this pandemic if we are on opposite ends. Take care of one another and stay safe out there!