Peak Form Medical Clinic’s goal is to always keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. In accordance with CDC guidelines, we take staff and patient temperatures when entering the clinic. (amongst other precautions). Up until now, a staff-person had to come in close contact with patients to take their temperature.

We are happy to announce we have now instituted the use of a contactless kiosk to accurately measure the temperature of patients and staff to aid in the check-in process to further minimize exposure risk of COVID-19 in the clinic.

The device includes a function that will identify staff and automatically log their temperatures prior to starting their shift. In addition, patient’s temperatures will be checked prior to entering the clinic, and the kiosk will be able to detect whether patients are wearing a mask and if not, the device will verbally prompt them to put one on.

The clinic’s mission is to provide all patients and clients with premium wellness, physical therapy, and Workers’ Compensation Injury Care services in a supportive atmosphere.
“We feel the investment of instituting the kiosk speaks directly to our mission and will provide patients and employers we partner with the confidence to continue to seek the medical services they need,” says Jeanette Hrubes, owner and CEO.

The Clinic has all CDC recommended safety guidelines in place to protect patients and staff, such as wearing masks and reducing the number of people in the clinic at any one time to maintain social distancing.

The use of the high-tech kiosk will further enhance the protections to safely provide comprehensive care with a personal touch through promoting the health and productivity of workers, their families and communities.

We hold the health and safety of our patients as a top priority!