How to Build Calf Strength for Running and Hiking

Whether you have a history of ankle sprains or not, it’s important to have strong ankles and calves to prevent injury. When hiking, you travel over varying terrain, which means you need good ankle flexibility but also stability. When running, the power from your stride comes from your calf muscles, known [...]

How to Build Calf Strength for Running and Hiking2021-05-24T13:14:06-06:00

Does running cause arthritis pain?

It’s a tale we’ve all heard: if you run too much, your knees will bother you as you age, and it will cause more pain, arthritis, and eventually knee replacements. All that impact and wear-and-tear can’t be good for your knees, especially if you train for long distances. Right? I want [...]

Does running cause arthritis pain?2021-04-05T16:09:49-06:00
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