We made it through the spring and summer. Now we’re in fall, and COVID-19 is still with us. A vaccine is under development but we know it’s going to be a while before one is safe for distribution. We’re wearing masks daily whenever we go out in public, and while that’s starting to feel normal, no one is happy with the reason why. When COVID-19 first started spreading across the globe in February of 2020, October seemed like a long way off. It seemed unfathomable that we’d still be dealing with it.

Well, here we are. It’s fall, and we’re no closer to the end of this pandemic than we were when it started. Everyone has grown weary. Quarantine days are largely behind us, but we’re still limited with our gatherings, and we have to choose carefully who we visit and how. With the holidays coming up, how will that shape our get-togethers?

It’s been a difficult year to keep up with healthy routines. Quarantine in March with gym closures made it hard to maintain our typical fitness regimens. It was easier to stay home and eat than it was to go for a walk. Some of us kept goals to keep us sane, but it was hard. Once you get out of a routine, it’s difficult to find a new one.

A phrase has found its way through the news, otherwise known as “COVID fatigue.” I would define this as an overall weariness and malaise about the year, stemming from wearing masks all day, minimizing contact with friends and family, worrying about the slightest cough or sniffle, and not knowing what the next day will bring. We’re tired of it all. We just want it to be behind us.

We understand it hasn’t been easy. At Peak Form Medical Clinic, we adapted to the situation as best we could and luckily, we’ve managed to keep the doors open. My (unsolicited) advice to manage COVID-19 fatigue is to do a little self-care. If you have an ache or pain that came up after quarantine and lack of exercise, come and see us. Exercise is truly medicine and it can help pull you out of a funk.

Life is cyclical and we will eventually move beyond COVID-19, but for now, taking care of each other is the best thing to do. “This too shall pass.” Someday. Hopefully soon. Stay safe and healthy out there!

By Laura Vroman