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specialized physical evaluation:
the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

What’s FMS? It’s a system that evaluates key body movement patterns to help pinpoint any problems and identify corrective exercise if needed.

How does it work?  When you come in for an FMS, you perform a set of simple physical activities.  Your Peak Form physical therapist evaluates your movements and you get an actual score.  This reveals any functional limitations in your daily movement patterns.   Your PT can then recommend any exercises needed to help get your movements back on track.


  • Cost effective! $100 without discount ($50 for our first 10 sign-ups)
  • Only takes 45-minutes
  • Good for all ages and fitness levels
  • Assesses your baseline fitness to catch problems early
  • Provides a customized treatment plan you can do at home.

Functional Movement Sytems Peak Form physical therapists are fully trained and certified in FMS. 

Learn more at www.functionalmovement.com.

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PEAK FORM PT FACTS: Founder’s Story

From Olympic trials to a lifelong commitment to physical therapy:Peak Form PT founder Jeanette Hrubes represented Canada on the Canadian National Gymnastics Team during the 1987-88 season.  Unfortunately, her Olympic aspirations were dashed when she sustained an injury while training for the 1988 Canadian Olympic trials, where she just had to move up two spots to make the Olympic Team.  Jeanette ended up finding a golden lining — being recruited to the University of Florida with a full gymnastic College Athletic Scholarship.Being a high level athlete taught Jeanette the importance of dedication and hard-core discipline, while her own injury gave her insight into what patients want and need from a physical therapist.Busy practice burn-out leads to founding her own company:

After becoming certified as a physical therapist, Jeanette worked at a busy orthopedic rehab practice where she saw as many as 30 patients in a day.  This experience taught her a lot, but most importantly inspired her to want “more” for her patients.  As a result, soon after moving to Colorado Jeanette founded Peak Form Physical Therapy.  It launched as a one-woman shop, but has grown into a thriving, successful two-location enterprise.

In alignment with Jeanette’s values, her talented team of medical professionals is committed to getting to know each patient and providing the individualized attention they need.

Jeanette quote:
“The entire staff we have now is by far the best crew we’ve had since opening Peak Form PT.”

Physical Therapy: Did You Know?

(photo: WWII army physical therapist/wikicommons)Physical Therapy is an ancient science. Techniques like soft tissue mobilization (therapeutic massage) and hydrotherapy date back at least to the father of Western medicine, the Greek physician Hippocrates.

Takeaway: PT has a good track record!

Physical Therapy was perfected in modern times. 

In WWI the US Army launched the profession of Physical Therapy when it developed training programs for medical workers and created the Division of Special Hospitals and Physical Reconstruction.

Takeaway: Techniques developed for rehabbing injured soldiers have been refined over the years — and you benefit!

Physical Therapy requires medical-school level training and strict licensure.

Subjects include clinical sciences, anatomy, neurology, medical conditions, therapeutic exercise and exercise prescription.  Physical Therapists are trained to evaluate and diagnose impairments and disabilities, and rehabilitate injuries and functional impairments.  Physical therapists are currently required to have a Master’s or a Doctorate in an accredited program and take a national license exam.

Bottom Line: Your Peak Form physical therapist is a highly educated, licensed medical professional who can help you return to work, sports and play — without limitations.

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