Your car needs regular maintenance, so you probably have a mechanic. Your eyes and teeth are important, so you see your optometrist and dentist regularly. You get an annual physical from your family physician. You might even be getting ready to see your accountant to get your yearly income taxes done. What about your physical therapist? Do you and your family have one? If not, you should! Your body has multiple systems, all of which are complex, and all of which have to be working well for it to function. Physical therapists are experts in maintaining, diagnosing, and treating the movement system. Like the braking or ignition system in a car, most people only think of the movement system when it’s not working the way it should.

Don’t Neglect Your Movement System

Similar to the systems in your car, problems with your movement system are much easier to deal with if they’re caught and treated early. This prevents small issues from becoming larger ones. For example, if you have weakness or balance that’s not quite up to par, improving those could prevent a sprained ankle, or a fall and a broken wrist. An annual movement screen from your physical therapist can find small issues that you may not have noticed with your strength, balance, flexibility, or coordination. Many of these minor issues can be fixed with a few exercises at home, or with a few visits.

Take our Fit Factor Survey!

Self-reflection is a helpful tool before making goals. Our Fit Factor Survey can help you find areas you might want to improve. Simply fill it out and bring your results with you to your first physical therapy visit.

What to Expect

A screen of your movement system is quick and easy. Your annual visit may include:

● A history of your injuries, as well as a health history

● Assessment of your strength, balance, flexibility, and functional movement

● A review of your movement goals (do you want to run a marathon? Get on and off the floor easily playing with your grandkids?)

● A review and update of your exercise program

Remember that we offer both telehealth and safe, in-person visits to manage your care. Contact us today for an appointment!