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Physical Therapy FAQs

Do I need a prescription to receive physical therapy?2017-06-28T21:23:06-06:00

Colorado is a “direct access” state and you do not need a prescription from your physician to receive outpatient physical therapy. Our physical therapists are highly trained health care professionals who are well qualified to evaluate your condition, assess your needs and develop an effective treatment plan to restore your quality of life.

What if I do not have insurance coverage?2017-06-28T21:21:15-06:00

If you do not have health insurance coverage, or if you have a high co-pay or co-insurance amount, we offer a private pay option. If you choose to pay privately you will receive a 50% discount when you pay at the time of service.

Do you accept my insurance?2017-06-28T21:21:22-06:00

We are contracted with most major insurance networks and carriers. Our front office staff will gladly confirm currently accepted insurance networks and carriers as well as verify your outpatient physical therapy benefits prior to scheduling.

What problems can physical therapy help me with?2017-06-28T21:21:32-06:00

Physical therapy addresses orthopedic rehabilitation and pain management, helping resolve both recent and long- standing issues of pain for various parts of the body, including joints, muscles, and also pain that comes from movement. Physical therapy also can help improve problems with balance, numbness and tingling, dizziness, post-operative conditions, and trauma. Please consult our services offered and conditions treated for more information.

Will you communicate with my physician regarding my physical therapy?2017-06-28T21:21:38-06:00

Even though you do not need a physician referral to receive physical therapy in Colorado, we will keep in close communication with your doctor. We immediately fax your initial evaluation to your physician. We also re-assess your condition every 10 visits or after 30 days of treatment, write a progress note documenting your condition, and send this note to your physician. Please let us know the time of your follow-up physician appointment: we will make sure your doctor is updated ahead of time on your current status.

What should I expect during my first visit?2017-06-28T21:21:45-06:00

You can expect individualized treatment developed from an extensive evaluation that includes hands-on manual therapy, specific exercise prescription, and a discussion of long-term expectations for your care with us. Our therapists allocate extra time for new patient evaluations to make sure your therapy plan will be thorough and comprehensive. Please plan on 60 minutes for your first visit and 30-45 minutes for ongoing treatment appointments.

Why should I choose Peak Form over other physical therapy clinics?2017-06-28T21:21:52-06:00

Peak Form provides the best treatment available to help you regain your quality of life. We use proven treatment methodologies that produce results. Our highly trained therapists excel at giving you personalized one-on-one care. Longer treatment sessions with more personal attention sets Peak Form Medical Clinic apart from other physical therapy providers.

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A physician prescription/referral isn’t necessary for insurance coverage


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