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A Warm Hello to Our New Physical Therapists

Jenn McLaggan, PT, DPT
(seen here in Bronco Orange!)

Jenn is a Colorado native
“Peak Form is really welcoming to CU PT grads, so it’s a great fit for me to stay where I love to be”

Meredith Ramsey, PT, DPT
(as you can tell, she fits right in!)

Meredith moved here from Tennessee to join us at PFPT
“The culture and mountain scenery are what drew me to Boulder”

You can optimize any workout when you take time to stretch:

Stretch to keep your tissues flexible, because any prolonged position or activity can make you tight or stiff.  When you stretch regularly you expand your range of motion and reduce your risk of injury.

Make time to stretch both before and after your workout. In general, utilize dynamic stretching before you exercise, static stretching afterwards, and a foam roller as needed.

Here are three types of stretches that will help you maximize your results and minimize discomfort:

Static/Isolated Stretch:
With a static stretch, hold the stretch position for the muscle group you need to work — get into position slowly and gently, and start with 20 – 30 seconds per time.

Dynamic Stretch:
A dynamic stretch uses slow and controlled movements through a range of motion to combine muscle groups.

Foam Rolling:
This is a great way to get the knots out — use a foam roller to massage the areas where you feel tight, either moving back and forth on the roller, or just lying on the roller and letting your weight do the work.

Whether you’re starting a new exercise program, feel like you’ve hit a plateau with your workouts, or have concerns about staying fit, ask your physical therapist.  We can help you assess whatever exercise routine you’re following to make sure it’s right and optimal for your good health.

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